ESCAPE ROOMS FL in Coconut Creek

60 minutes, ONE team, ONE Mission, ESCAPE ... Up for the challenge?


Limited Time During the Holiday's

Naughty Nice List - Which one will you be on?


Blackbeard's Lair

Travel back to a time when the infamous Pirate Blackbeard terrorized the seven seas. Can you Escape his Lair or will you walk the plank?


Enter the Jungle

Hearing mysterious sounds of drums and animals, you and your friends get transported into the wild jungle to play a puzzling board game.


The Elixir of Immortality

Professor Ian Westower uncovered the powerful Elixir of Immortality. He has hidden it in his study. Find the Elixir before it falls it self destructs.


Game of Stones

The kingdoms are in grave danger: The Army of the dead is coming! Unite the kingdoms in time.


Corporate Team Building

Call us or Reserve online for a new fun interactive Corporate Team Building activity. Contact us for Corporate packages.


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ESCAPE Rooms FL – South Florida’s upscale premier innovative themed escape rooms.  Offering an exciting, interactive adventure game for groups or teams who must work together against the clock, solving puzzles, clues and cracking codes to complete a set of challenges in a room within 60 minutes or less. Best 1 hour you will spend!  Reserve you escape adventure with us today! ALL rooms are private upon request.

An escape room is the perfect activity for those looking for fun things to do with family, friends, businesses wanting an unusual team building exercise, or couples who want an exciting date night. Corporate team building, birthdays and proposals too!

Physical strength is not required, however, teamwork, communication, and problem solving skills are definitely going to help! With just an hour on the clock, can you complete the challenges that await you?  Will you Escape in time?

When the hour is up you will be guaranteed laughter, a sense of accomplishment, a new respect for your teammates, and, of course, a group photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

 One team, One private room, Look for clues, Solve the puzzles, complete the mission … 60 minutes to ESCAPE. Best 1 hour you will spend!

Game of Stones

The kingdoms are in grave danger: The Army of the dead is coming! It will last for decades to come. When the sun dips below the horizon, the dead will revolt!

The Gods are favorable to you and led you to the Ruins of Light where the stone artifacts of strength are kept! You will need to locate them. But the legend says: anyone who spends more than an hour succumbs the same fate as the rest.…  Will you become one of the dead?  Hurry up! Find the 4 stone artifacts, unite the kingdoms precious stones and become saviours of the humanity!


Enter the Jungle

Hearing mysterious sounds of drums and animals, you and your friends get transported into the wild jungle as you enter a cave to play a puzzling board game. Roll the dice, find the clues to escape the dangers that lurk within or risk being trapped forever.

With only 60 minutes of daylight left will you return to the real world.


Blackbeard's Lair

Travel back to a time when the infamous pirate Blackbeard terrorized the seven seas. Plunder his prized treasure and escape his private lair!

You’ll have sixty minutes to scour his cabin for clues, solve a series of puzzles and riddles, and make your escape from his lair. The price of failure? There might just be a plank to walk with your name on it!


The Elixir of Immortality

For a limited time!

Professor Ian Westower’s passion for history and curious of old traditions, he has traveled the world in search of the Secrets to Immortality.  During his travels he uncovers the most precious and powerful secret – The Elixir of Immortality.

Fearing of being followed and the precious discovery falling into the wrong hands, he has hidden it in his study. You are to journey into his study to find it before time runs out.  You have 60 minutes to find it or it will self-destruct.


The List (Naughty or Nice)

For a limited time!

It’s Christmas-time, but Alabaster Snowball Santa’s Elf Administrator, has some not-so-jolly news for you. Your names made it onto Santa’s Naughty List. You didn’t make the Nice List this year. The good news? Alabaster Snowball, has a plan to give you one more chance.

Santa had left the building and it is now your team’s chance to break into Santa’s study and add your names to The Nice list. It was a risky heist, don’t let Pepper Minstix, Santa’s Head of Elf Security catch you, but with quality presents at risk, you need to take action. You have ONE hour to search through his study, find The Nice List before Santa returns and add your name! Will you be on the Nice list or get coal this year?


Date Night, Team Building, Birthdays, Special Events

Team Building, communication and critical thinking while having fun- Great for Corporate events

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Increase Productivity • Improve Communication • Fun Team bonding
• Motivate Employees • Problem Solving Skill Development

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Private Rooms for Birthdays, Proposals, Date Night, Bachelorette or Bachelor Party

Kick off your event with an activity that’s fun, exhilarating, and a fantastic way for the entire group to bond.  Special group rate and private rooms available.

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